Humbling of Self

I do not have all of the answers. I only have the opinions that make sense to me. The things I say might sound inconceivable, but the feelings I feel towards the topics I speak about are real. You see, to me feelings can be stronger then tangible “reality” just as intent means more to me then words. You can so easily say the words “I love you” and not mean it at all. Your actions are what really give your true emotions away. Most people live in the reality of the here & now, often times referencing the past as it seemingly corresponds to our present. I say “Dont let past negativity affect your future positivity”- Jayce. Strength comes from within, you have to fight your natural reaction in order to force a positive outcome. You might ask yourself, why? Shouldn’t I just be myself and do what I want whenever I want; I would have to instinctively agree with those thoughts in question. Ask yourself this, what if your natural reaction currently, wasn’t your natural reaction yesterday, and wont be your natural reaction tomorrow? You have to be strong enough to acknowledge if & when you are wrong in order to start the of healing.
The way I see it, the goal in every problem should be to defuse it, right? “The person that detonates the bomb is the saviour of many.”-Jayce
See heres the thing that really gets me in a state of humility; There are so manys countless reasons why, so many reason why not. The only thing we are often times really sure of is that we are awake.. But are we really woke?
The humbling of ones inner self is a process in which many might take for granted. To be humble we must first be willing to open our hearts to the feelings of others & our own vulnerability. To be compassionate, kind, caring etc, are some of the purist traits one could possibly attain in this life.
Integrity might just be the first step in the right direction.

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