Vulnerability = Strength

If you have fear in your heart, then that means you want to be in control. humans control very little when it comes to the direction in which thier life is supposed to go. Humans do however have the control over there own decisions in life. You can always consciously choose what naturally feels right to you in your gut, or unconsciously choose what you know feels wrong and or rebellious from your true sence of self (your Purist form).

The control doesnt Need to be in your hands because we were all created equally from Love.

Its that simple

Once we can let go of our egotistical ways and let divinity run its course & guide in a direction of purity then, & ONLY then will your worries become a thing of the past. The feeling of needing to be in control is toxic & serves you nothing but stress. If you ever feel jealousy then you judge others, if you judge others then you judge yourself, if you judge yourself then you have low self-esteem that stems from a certain traumatic event that you haven’t been able to forgive yet. If you have low self-esteem then that means that you dont love yourself, if you dont love yourself that means that you are not loving in your actions so then how can love come back to you?

It can.

You get what you give.

This means to Love all of the qualities that make up your personality. Learn to either love yourself in vein with the taint of negative emotions still roaming your soul (which is actually impossible because love is the root and the root is pure and untainted) or find the way to cleanse your soul of the impurities & corruption of the world.


4 thoughts on “Vulnerability = Strength

  1. I do find this to be true because being vulnerable for me also means being safe to do so. It shouldn’t mean that the world is going to end but that a new and stronger beginning is about to happen. I know this because day by day I’m having to be more honest about the things that hurt and the things I desire to get stronger from.

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