List of Reason

When someone acts as if they cant give people credit or give someone a complement, that means that they are jealous of others and if a person is jealous then that means that they have low self-esteem, if they have low self-esteem then they weren’t taught their own self worth, if they dont know their own self worth then they have deeply rooted anger, possible anxiety, stress etc. If you have stress, anxiety and or depression then you want to get rid of it right? This leads you to look for a way out; this is why most people struggle with addictive tendencies. Addiction to food, “security”, drugs, sex, alcohol, gossip, bullying, passing judgement etc.
If someone has an Addiction- (Something that you know is wrong but we do it anyways because it gives us a quick fix.) then that ultimately means that the person is subconsciously trying to fill a void in their soul with their addiction of choice at the moment. People can have multiple addictions that spawn from multiple different events thats have serverly traumatized them sence the moment it happened.
Just know that it is okay, you cant possibly know something that you haven’t been taught.
Ones worth can not be baught, seen, or manipulated if they are strong, grounded & invested in thier own beliefs, yes create your own beliefs based on your analytical mind.
You will know in your heart if it feels right.. If it doesn’t feel right then your thoughts on the specific matter wont connect with your soul and you will feel uncertain, its your choice to choose your own direction. Peace+Love=Happiness

8 thoughts on “List of Reason

  1.  “it all starts with fully loving yourself and who you are, loving every aspect of your mind.” -You Ha! Is it really that easy guy? Hardship does not crumble down from simply positive thinking. You seem to be like every other distasteful God willing person going to “Heaven.” I bet you think that’s where your going.

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      1. Then what condemns you to preach about this specific topic that sounds almost identical to what I have heard in a church before. Facts speak louder than any word of God. Proven fact that Atheists are happier than Christians. You seem to be sure of what you write. What proof can you provide me with that states that you are eligible to even put these opinions out into the world. Degree? Testimonials?

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      2. Undoubtedly a tad upset. My Christian detector starts tingling. The feeling of ‘why does this person waste their time and release no credibility’. You applied to play the Redeemer role. Something I find distracting from reality. No hate here.

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