The point of Existence

Alright so the ultimate goal is exponential bliss and eternal happiness; simple enough right? Now how do you go about obtaining that ? 
Well I tell everyone the same thing. I tell them, I say “it all starts with fully loving yourself and who you are, loving every aspect of your mind. Think to yourself, have you ever judged someone? Have you ever made fun of someone, criticised them in front or behind their back. Lied, or complained about something, felt as though you are better then someone else? If you have answered yes to any one of these things then that means your soul has been negatively affected by our surroundings, your upbringing, by the people we trust and follow in the footsteps of.
Imagine your soul as a big ball of light. If you answered yes to any of those things I mentioned just now that means you have holes in your ball of light (your soul) if you have holes in your soul then your not whole, which means you have important parts of you missing.
You will know if you are completely soulless if you can kill with no remorse. <this equals the dark side] To be completely whole means to be pure; much like you were when you were a baby. No negativity, no lies, no denying, no anxiety, no depression etc.


21 thoughts on “The point of Existence

      1. That is the only reason I blog; you have inspired me to keep going & given me hope that there are actually good, kind hearted people starting to arise in this world. Thank you Jewel


      2. I dont know about kind hearted. I m grey inside. Not lots of feelings left in this tank. Is why I had to comment. Not lot of peoples words move me. You seem to know a lot about “Spacey” topics. Who are you??? A teacher or something? Do you give advice?

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  1. You have love in your heart, if you didn’t then my post wouldn’t have touched you at all. Most average people in the world unfortunately read my blog and would have gotten angered you because they can feel that what they are reading is real and only has good intentions but you, you stopped to smell the roses and enjoy them instead of go the other way; that my friend makes you very special. Yes, I do teach. Yes, you can ask my advice anytime. I would be happy to answer any questions or talk about any concerns you have and we can solve them together.

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  2. If our soul has been affected by our upbringing or surroundings, then how can we eliminate all of thee, and achieve this bliss you speak of? What would you define as exponential bliss?


    1. You must first acknowledge what negatively affected you, then address the issue admitting that it is real, admitting that it has affected you in some way. (When you say thank you to someone for example, you are then admitting that they have done something that you are grateful for. Admittance humbles you and allows you to be vulnerable, like I wrote before in a previous blog post. “Vulnerability makes you strong, pride makes you weak.”) To achieve bliss one must first fully love every aspect of ones self. Tell you what, take a look at and tell me what you feel from that. Thank you


      1. Thank you. Achieving bliss will put you in a state here on earth that could otherwise only be achieved through death; internal Peace, Love & most importantly.. Happiness. The best, most fluent feelings one can obtain.


      2. {FFF}

        -And would you be interested in public speaking gigs? Have you ever publicly spoke about anything?

        *If not that’s cool.

        Im looking to start a web series that offers help to people with chronic depression. Somewhere they can go to feel safe when they are at a breaking point. Seems like you would be a good fit to video clip.
        *** Business inquiries only.

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